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(An Organization For Positive Transformation)

About Parivartan India

Parivartan means change, the only thing which can survive in this world forever.

Parivartan define itself change…… and at our Delhi based transformational organization we added more to its meaning change for betterment. Our main specialization lies in how we do it. We help you and your organization to realize your potential through our different kind of attitudinal development training programs.

Attitude which determines the way of our life. In fact life is the reflection of our attitude. How we see, it seems to be like that. Successful people have one major quality of their life that is only their attitude and the big invention of our generation is that we can develop our attitude .

Our Objectives

The main Goal of this orgnization is to impart trainings to any segment or any age in the society. Till date Parivartan India has trained thousands of people in India and across globe.

Parivartan India has different programs on Motivational & Meditation course-

Anger Management, Time Management,Key to Success,How to Enjoy Life, Stress Management, Positive Thinking, Work-life Balance, Positive AttitudeJindgi Vaisi Aap Chahe Jaisi

Various Motivational Video Courses

Meditation Video Courses

List of Motivational Videos

List of Meditation Videos

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Parivartan India

2157/T1, Arjun Nagar, New Delhi-110008

Telephone :-(+91) 011-64508430

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